A key feature of LWST is that you learn with your material. LWST does not provide any learning material! So, you use your texts and audios about topics that you find interesting. This keeps you on track, makes your learning more enjoyable and that brings fun and success! Smart students do it this way!

Of course, there are situations like school, college or university, where you not really have an option to choose a topic. In these cases usually your teacher selects the texts, but then it is up to you to make the most of the situation. Also in these situations LWST platform is very helpful and reduces your “pain” and makes your learning more comfortable and effective.

In LWST you determine texts and audios! No boring texts, no frustration, no give-ups! All is up to you! This one of language learning secrets they never tell you in school. Using this strategy helps you to conquer the language(s) and become polyglot! This will boost your horizon!


Generate YOUR material

Sometimes you have texts and audios at hand, e.g., with Assimil courses, or free online material. Sometimes some small preparatory work is required. Then in general two steps are required:

1)      Digitalize your text

You can use your smart phone to create a picture (JPG) of your text. Now the picture of the text is in the smart phone, and in general you have two options:

  • Send it via email to yourself, then you have it on your PC/online.
  • Use an app, e.g., Google Drive, to upload your picture to your web storage.

If the text is in JPG, PDF etc. on your Computer or web storage, then you can use for example:

to create a text file (txt file). That’s it. Easy!

2)      Generate the corresponding audio

That is very easy to do. There are lots of sites you can use to generate your audio file from your text. Here are examples, use one you like:

Now you are ready to use YOUR material in LWST! GO! Using YOUR material really helps your language learning!


Free Language Material and Sources – For Autodidacts

In the following links you’ll find tons of free texts and audios which you can use in LWST.














Do you know other useful sites? Lets us know! Contact us!


Recommended Commercial Material



Supporting Material for Speaking Simple Phrases

Learning a language is not tailored to one source. Next to reading also very important is to speak.

To practice speaking and learning small phrases for conversation we recommend: