Use texts you like

Using material you like and that hits your interest is a very important point for successful language learning. It helps you to keep going with your language learning! So, finding an interesting text is very essential, and should not be underestimated! If you have found an interesting text on the Internet (preferably with a mp3 audio file), load it into LWST. There are tons of martial on the internet (language beginner courses or podcasts etc.), so have a look section LWST Material, maybe you find something there for you.

Of course, there are situations like classes at school, college or university, where you not really have an option to choose a topic.
Then you should focus on the text that is given to you and work with it. Try also to get the corresponding audio, if does not exist, you can generate it.


Decode the text

Performing a word by word translation (here called briefly decoding) is very important step in the language learning process, since it is an intense and valuable active interaction with the text, which you have to pass! There the consolidation of new words and vocabulary begins. Also, when you decode a text you may detect grammatical patterns or structures of the foreign language. These discoveries are very useful and help you a lot to generate an understanding of the usage of the new language that you are learning. Especially, when you later start working on grammar, you will notice how helpful your discoveries are. So, read the text, look up the  new words and expressions (=terms) and save them for review and test. It is very important you do to decoding manually and word by word and not automated!


Active reading

Active reading means reading of the decoded text and simultaneously listening. This step requires several repetitions (min. 10-15x), but it is a very effective way to consolidate the new vocabulary and helps a lot to push vocabulary in your long term memory. You should really pay attention performing the step with an adequate amount of repetitions. After some time, you'll know how many loops you need.

Read text loud!

When you want to communicate you have to leave your comfort zone and try to speak. That again really helps to consolidate vocabulary and language usage. It may sound stupid, but acting here like a parrot is very helpful and effective.


Work every day!

An old Latin proverb is "Repetitio est mater studiorum!" (Repetition is the mother of learning!). So, you should really follow this old advice and spend 15-25 minutes per day for your foreign language! *EVERY DAYNo excuses! And if you short on time or sick, then limit your daily repetition to listening of the audio. But stick to your daily language learning and repetition. Repetition does not hurt, it is the key for success!


If you pay attention to all mention steps above, then successful language learning is guaranteed. 


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