LWST Quick Tour



  • You define languages you want to learn. You can define several languages!
  • You define the web dictionaries you want to use.
  • You define how sentences and words in the language will be split up.
  • You upload texts, and they are automatically split into sentences and words! Later re-parsing is possible.
  • Add mp3 audio file (URI or upload) to your text in order to listen while reading the text.
  • You read the text while listening to the audio, and you see immediately the status of every word (unknown, learning, learned, well-known, ignored).
  • You click on words, and you use the external dictionaries to find out their meanings.
  • You save words or expressions (2..9 words) with optional romanization (for asiatic languages), translations and example sentence, you change its status, you edit them whenever needed
  • You test your understanding of words and expressions within or without sentence context.
  • Test your words / Vocabulary Trainer (with context).
  • See your progress on the statistics page.
  • Create annotated texts (a hyperliteral translation as interlinear text)



  • up to 8 active texts at a time (depending on your plan)
  • max. text size: 15 kb
  • create unlimited texts
  • archive unlimited texts
  • unlimited annotated texts
  • up to120 audio uploads (depending on your plan)
  • max. audio file size: 10 MB 


Text Size 15 kb - How much text is that?

Due to database restrictions the text size is limted to 15.000 bytes = 15 kb. For a text made out of the 26 letters of the English alphabet and using standard punctuation marks (period '.', comma ',' colon ':',  semi-colon ';' blank/space ' ', line breaks etc.), this is generally a text with 15.000 characters. That is a text with approximately 2500 words.  Note: Chinese symbols, umlaute and other special characters need a bit more space. 


Even though you can have up to 5 - 8 active texts and unlimited archvied texts, each text size is limited to 15 kb. So, the "S" in LWST (Learing With Short Texts) corresponds to 15 kb, hence we can express this fact with following simple equation:

LWST = LW15kbT

But do not worry! For learning a language a 15 kb text is more than enough and usually this is not a limitation that restricts your learing and studies! And also the constrain to archive old texts helps you being organized. Believe me ... if not ... try the Free Trail Plan and you will see it. 

To get an impression how much and how long a 15 kb text is click one of the following text examples ... you'll be surprised!

Examples of 15 kb texts: 

Lorem ipsum ... (Latin, 15 kb)

But I must ... (English, 15 kb)
Auch gibt es ... (German, 15 kb)
Des poussiere ... (French, 15 kb)
En al escuchando ... (Spanish, 15 kb)
Qui lacerato vai ... (Italian, 15 kb)
Defendida ignorante ... (Portuguese, 15 kb)
Szczuplejszy dworze ... (Polish, 15 kb)
Han, förska ... (Swedish, 15 kb)
表精別 ... (Chinese, 15 kb)
苦禁情 ... (Japanese, 15 kb)
Лорем ипсум ... (Cyrillic, 15 kb)
재판의 ... (Korean, 15 kb)
विवरण सहायता ... (Hindi, 15 kb)
... ولم عل ودول وتنصيب (Arabic, 15 kb)
... או בקרבת הגרפים (Hebrew, 15 kb)

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