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Welcome language learner! Great that you are here!


LWST is a very useful and awesome online-tool for all types of language learners:

regular students, self-learners (autodidacts), language enthusiasts, polyglots, restarters etc. and all other typers of learners.  


And ... LWST is a perfect tool for students when they are lost in class and try to catch up!


NOTE:  In LWST English is the used as "navigation" or "tool" language.

You can use LWST with almost every language dirctection you want!  

The Difference

At other websites for language learners you get content for language learning, but you can not select content that you are interested in. And using topics you like is a very important key for successful language learning. LWST is different: here YOU bring the content and use the material you like. That is the key for beeing a successful language learner. And that is the difference!

*Special Thanks goes to .com for providing a great tool for creating animated presentations. All shown clips are under their Copyrights and Terms & Conditions of Use. The PowToon watermark indicate this fact, and we are happy to make advertisment for this great tool.